SACOO’s mission is to empower the Somali community by enhancing relationships between members of the community and between the community and state wide and/or federal agencies while also promoting cultural expression and diversity.
n partnership with existing Somali community organizations, SACOO conducts outreach and promotes dialog on public policy issues.


Is to develop and support the coordination and cooperation between various Somali community-based organizations (CBOs) that harness our strengths and also address our needs.

SACOO aspires to become the umbrella organization for Somali organizations in Oregon as well as a capacity-building think-tank for all matters pertaining to the representation of, or communication with, the Somali community.


SACOO Team members will:
 Engage in outreach to diverse Somali community members and CBO’s to ensure equity and advocacy for all.
 Meet with policy makers, media, law enforcement officials, etc to ensure a cohesive message and a truly representative voice for all Somali community members
 Build solidarity within and among Somali community members as well as with the mainstream community.
 Conduct monthly meetings for SACOO Team
 Assist with preparations and facilitation for semi-annual Somali community general meetings.
 Organize and participate SACOO leadership trainings in and outside the State
 Create a work plan based on specific outcomes, deliverables and measurements
 Identify and establish key alliances and strategic collaborations
 Establish a consistent, democratic and participatory review process to evaluate how SACOO is doing, encourage open, respectful reflection, discussion and learning, initiate changes and improvements as needed to move forward together in unity for this and future generations.