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Community events

Community Celebration Event! The crowd was addressed by prominent women and men in the community who lifted our spirits up. Thanks to all who presented and made this event possible. At Matt Dishman Community Center - Portland Parks & Recreation.


SACOO mission is to empower the Somali community by enhancing relationships between members of the community and between the community and state wide and/or federal agencies while also promoting cultural expression and diversity.
In partnership with existing Somali community organizations, SACOO conducts outreach and promotes dialog on public policy issues.  
Somali American Council of Oregon (SACOO) is dedicated to improving our community an environment by creating of hope and unity. We promise to work tirelessly to improve conditions in our community and affect positive change in the world around us. We affirm the importance of working together to find solutions. SACOO will operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters. We will not profit from our endeavors. We believe in fairness for all. SACOO will not waiver in the conviction to create a better community for all
Signed this on Jan 14, 2011
Musse Olol
Head of SACOO.